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Behind the scenes, wireless infrastructure ties workers and information together

Wireless Infrastructure

Connect mobile workers within your building, no matter where they are.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technology can enable end-to-end voice, video and data mobility across entire facilities. It can increase worker mobility, boost productivity, and even produce happier workers who feel more in control of their jobs. From small offices to the largest distributed global enterprises, wireless infrastructure provides network control, scalability, security, and reliability for deployments of any size.  Organizations investing and leveraging wireless infrastructure and industry-specific devices see higher productivity for all workers and increased accuracy and relevancy of the real-time data they need to make better business decisions.

  • Provide secure, real-time access to corporate information
  • Provide rapid extension of the wired LAN
  • Reduce costs for moves, adds and changes (since connections are not hard wired)
  • Improve productivity by enabling ad hoc collaboration and information sharing
  • Minimize expense in ever-changing and dynamic environments
  • In hospitals and healthcare environments, WLAN solutions help improve patient care, boost productivity and increase staff satisfaction. Patients and guests can also benefit from the 802.11n wireless network by gaining high-speed Internet access, so they can stay connected while visiting the hospital

With experience in medium to large-scale, high-bandwidth deployments, BarCode Solution Systems can provides your business with robust, highly scalable support for enterprise mobility.

Infrastructure Components include:

  • Wireless Switches—Wireless LAN switching and voice communications platforms for small to large enterprises
  • Wireless LAN Security—The industry-leading AirDefense Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) from Motorola detects and neutralizes any threat, including intruders and rogue devices and provides for remote troubleshooting. Four-factor access control includes identity, role, location, and policy compliance via NAC. Also defends non-Motorola wireless LANs with wireless IPS, rogue elimination and more
  • Access points or ports—Durable indoor, outdoor, mesh, and 802.11n access points
  • Client Radio Devices—Extend wireless connectivity to remote devices
  • Management Software—One stop shop for wireless network management, planning, and security

BarCode Solution Systems can help you improve your organization's productivity and efficiency by converting to wireless infrastructure. Talk with one of our Systems Consultants today.


Keep wireless networks secure and free from rogue access with AirDefense

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