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Dedicated personnel support you and your project from day one

Technical Support

Experience and excellence in all aspects of technical support

Many technology providers to lack dedicated support systems and staff.  In fact, some providers refer their customers solely to the manufacturer for all support, leaving them to fend for themselves after the sale.

While a manufacturer's support is typically adequate, it is also limited to the particular devices, printers or software they make, and does not encompass the broad and complex scope of supporting a full system installation. Because we are committed to the success of every client project and to the functionality of the solutions we provide, BarCode Solution Systems has a dedicated technical support team with multiple tiers of assistance.  Our help desk experts, engineers and architects collaborate closely with the manufacturers and provide comprehensive and superior levels of technical support.

BarCode Solution Systems is a total solutions provider, with application design and on-site engineering personnel on our Professional Services team. Our technical support goal is to return you to production as quickly and efficiently as possible.


BarCode Solution Systems technical support provides significant value to our clients:

Support of complete systems, not just components

  • The moment devices enter a client's environment, they need to work with existing systems such as VPNs, firewalls, thin computing platforms, and database/application connectivity layers.  None of these systems are typically covered by the manufacturer's support.
  • BarCode Solution Systems takes ownership of technical support situations, isolates problems and moves them to resolution.  Occasionally, this can mean replicating a client's environment in-house, in order to duplicate the problem, perform testing and troubleshooting, and ultimately provide the solution.

Support for "end of life" products

  • Equipment often outlives the manufacturers' support window.  In these circumstances, we do everything possible to provide continued support for the devices we have sold.

Trained and certified engineers

  • We commit extensive resources, dollars and person-hours annually on the training and certification of our technical staff.  Staying current on the rapidly-changing technology landscape is critical to providing the superior services our clients need during implementation and beyond.
  • Typically, BarCode Solution Systems engineers often have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with the engineering staff of the manufacturers that created the product.
  • Experienced staff—including individual members with over 20 years of hardware and software support experience in the bar code industry.
  • Full understanding of your system(s) and your environment.

Real-time web collaboration—A picture is worth a thousand words

  • Support situations often suffer from a breakdown in communication, specifically when technical jargon and terms are not understood equally on all sides of the support call.  To solve complex support issues, we can provide remote, web-based administration and connect with a problematic system or device.
  • We can actually see what the client sees, thereby accelerating an understanding of the problem and rectifying it.
  • Accelerates problem resolution.

Individualized attention and personal service

  • Unlike a busy manufacturer or outsourced service desk, which may receive thousands of support calls per day, BarCode Solution Systems provides dedicated, personal assistance for our clients needing technical support.  Our clients are never "just a number" to us; they are the lifeblood of our business.
  • Having been in business since 1993, we have built personal relationships and deep levels of trust with our clients over the years.

How to access BarCode Solution Systems Technical Support:

Phone: (844) 355 79 428



Contact BarCode Solutions Systems Techincal Support:

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Technical Support
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Many support issues can be resolved without equipment repairs. However, if equipment must be repaired by either the manufacturer or by our vendor-certified service departments, we can expedite your service ticket and get your repair requests started immediately.
Learn more about repair/maintenance options


"Their support staff has always provided prompt, professional and reliable service when called upon. We look forward to our continued relationship with BarCode Solutions Systems on future projects."

-Jesse Pennington
Logistics Supervisor
Nisshinbo Automotive Manufacturing

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