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Capture real-time data and deliver on-the-go productivity.

Mobile Computing

More than just laptops or smartphones

Today's industrial mobile computers take the network and data connectivity of a desktop computer, add the portability of notebook computers, the voice connectivity of mobile phones, a digital camera, a bar code scanner and true GPS functionality, and then reduce its form to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Today's mobile computers allow you to capture business-critical information—in the office or in the field—and exchange it with those who need it, immediately.

Regardless of your business requirements, applications or environment, BarCode Solution Systems can provide you with the right mobile computer for your specific enterprise demands. Featuring devices from Motorola, the industry leader in mobile computing devices, along with mobile printing and remote device management, BarCode Solution Systems can provide a mobile computing solution designed to meet your needs, and your budget.

Common uses for Mobile Computing:

Mobile proof of delivery:

  • Scanned confirmation of items to be delivered
  • Real-time confirmation of items delivered
  • Photographs of condition at delivery
  • Package pick-up, electronic signatures and printed receipts
  • Eliminate delays and errors due to data entry by office personnel

Field service / Mobile work order:

  • Real-time estimating of jobs using latest price and parts books
  • Photographs of condition at start and end of service
  • Electronic signatures and printed receipts
  • Immediate and anonymous customer surveys
  • Eliminate delays to generate quotes / no quotes with outdated parts/prices

Field management: Real-time access to data:

  • Give field supervisors real-time access to the latest data via the a cellular connected, handheld device with integrated voice and data
  • No searching for Wi-Fi connections
  • No paying for connectivity for two devices

GPS: Real-time navigation

  • Real-time navigation and directions, without a separate device
  • Device stays with field worker, reducing theft from unmanned trucks during service calls

Remote management: Remotely track, update and view mobile computer

  • Keep devices in the field, not in for service, with remote updates to mobile computer applications
  • Provide remote technical support for the devices AND the applications, and deploy upgrades remotely
  • IT support can sees exactly what the operator sees in real time
  • Keep account of devices and workers with location tracking

Why Mobile Computers?

Reliability—from lightweight PDA-styles to rugged, industrial devices, Motorola mobile computers provide the reliability to withstand the rigors of your particular environment

Versatility—Voice and data. Bar code scanning and image capture. Wireless wide area networks (WWANs), wireless local area networks (WLANs), and wireless personal area networking (WPAN/Bluetooth). Development platforms work with your network today, yet support new features for tomorrow's growth.

Performance—Maximum power processors, extended battery life and memory to support the most demanding enterprise applications, including multimedia.

Manageability—Maximize IT resources with remote management capabilities. Remotely provision, update, troubleshoot and even disable devices and reduce the time, costs and man-ours associated with managing your mobile solution.

Service—Flexible and cost-effective service options keep your devices running and ensure maximum uptime.

If you already have mobile equipment, what can a refresh of existing mobile computers and wireless networks do for your operations?

  • Faster processing
  • Integration of video or image capture
  • New voice-enabling applications or conversion of existing applications to be voice-enabled
  • Integrate voice communications
  • External network coverage 

As varied as your application may be, BarCode Solution Systems has extensive development experience with mobile computer applications. If your situation is unique, we can even create a custom solution for your specific needs.

Contact a Systems Consultant today to learn how Mobile Computing can benefit your business.