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Save your capital and reduce ownership costs


Reduce overall costs, capture tax benefits and increase flexibility  

BarCode Solution Systems offers a wide range of financing options that are designed to give you access to the technology solutions you need, without the financial and technological risks associated with outright ownership.  Leasing options can be custom designed to reduce costs, provide asset management from acquisition through disposal, and give the flexibility to meet constantly changing technology needs.  By electing to lease rather than purchase outright, you can conserve working capital and preserve existing lines of credit.

Our leasing program, LeaseNow™, can be thought of as "Technology as a Service."  It eliminates your up-front capital expenditures and spreads your payments over the useful life of your technology investment.  Stay current with the ever-changing nature of technology through LeaseNow customized equipment leasing services.


Leasing Benefits:

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Industry studies show that effective leasing strategies can reduce the total cost of ownership of technology purchases by up to 15% through asset visibility improvement, reduced disposition costs, and customized lease plans.


Retain Competitive Edge

The #1 reason corporations lease is to provide protection against technology obsolescence.  Our "Technology Refresh" leases offer the flexibility required to migrate technology as internal/external factors drive change. "Technology Refresh" leases will protect you from getting locked-in using obsolete equipment.


Investment Protection

Easily add incremental technology to your lease to provide maximum benefit.  Leasing facilitates easier upgrades, add-ons and trade-ups.


Preserve Existing Lines of Credit

Liberate capital to invest in facility expansion and other strategic growth initiatives.


Finance 100% of your solution

Leasing enables you to finance the entire purchase—software, services, hardware, and other soft costs.


Tax benefits

Take advantage of the new tax deduction limits for equipment as set out in section 179 of the US tax code.   In some instances, as much as 100% of the equipment cost, up to a specific limit, can be immediately deducted from taxable income.



Choose from a wide variety of leasing packages and payment plans that work in concert with your business needs.


Easy Disposal of Hardware