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Is your warehouse really as efficient as it could be?

Inventory/Warehouse Management

Inventory Management - Improve Operations & Offset Rising Operating Costs

Graph: Pressures to Improve Warehouse/Distribution Center PerformanceLike many businesses, today's inventory management centers are faced with enormous pressure to be more efficient, do more with less and improve performance.

The best-performing inventory management systems focus on flexibility, agility and labor efficiency. Supply chain managers understand the need for optimal use of people, space and technology. The best companies are increasing use of their resources and are leveraging both warehouse management software (WMS) and automation solutions to improve the efficiency of their operations.

Key performance areas include:

  • Effective inventory management with physical and cycle counting
  • Use of custom reports and queries to monitor and manage inventory
  • Implementation of tailored data collection solutions for managing product flow through the facility
  • Integration of inventory with various top- and middle-tier ERP or accounting systems
  • Optimize investments, human capital and space

To combat rising operating expenses, warehouses must look at blending a combination of strategic actions and technologies:

  • Increase efficiency in picking, put-away and replenishment
  • Improve worker performance through training opportunities
  • Centralize the direction of the warehouse process
  • Determine optimal inventory locations and network allocations

What software & systems are used to automate a distribution/warehouse environment?

  • Mobile computing—Today's mobile devices provide workers and management with real-time data in the warehouse and across the supply chain.  They can be the differentiator in achieving Best-in-Class performance.
  • Wireless networking—Your network is the backbone to instant data interchange. Mobile workers aren't just outside the building anymore; they're moving constantly throughout your facility.  Where are they, and what information do they need? With wireless networking, you will know—and they will have the immediate information they need to be more productive and make informed decisions.
  • Barcode labeling—The crux of data automation begins with the barcode.  Accurate product, location and shipping labels are fundamental to data exchange.
  • RFID systems—Sophisticated tracking solutions using radio waves eliminate the need for line-of-sight scanning and provide real-time visibility for your most important assets and inventory.
  • Industrial automation—Track, trace and control solutions cut costs, cut waste, automate critical manufacturing processes, monitor quality, and increase production yield.

Is your company a top performer?

According to Aberdeen, top performing companies possess a number of common characteristics:

  • 70% are more likely to receive goods using a paperless system
  • 55% are more likely to direct order-picking using mobile devices
  • 46% are more likely to use advance picking methods like batch, zone and cluster picking

More than half of warehousing/distribution companies say they plan to enhance or upgrade their current inventory management systems (IMS) within the next year; 31% plan to increase the use of automation, 24% plan to implement new WMS, and 19% say they plan to increase the use of automated materials handling equipment.

Will you be left behind?

BarCode Solution Systems is a seasoned expert in helping companies improve their warehousing and distribution center functionality.  Call us today for an evaluation and recommendation.


"Now, we have greater control over WIP inventory and have been able to reduce it by more than 35%. We have also reduced man-hours and errors as inventory counting is much simpler and faster with our new system. Thank you BarCode ID Systems."

- Tim Cooper
Technical Manager
Beaver Manufacturing


Research Report: "Warehouse Operations: Increase Responsiveness Through Automation"


Fast Fact 

90% of Best-in-Class warehouses practice cycle counting to maintain inventory control, vs. 79% of all others

-Aberdeen Group

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